Arrive and feel good!


  • 2 seperate bedrooms with double beds
  • 1 living room with 2 spare beds
  • 1 open shower and 1 WC located at the ground floor
  • 2 terraces with sea view
  • 1 balcony with view to a picturesque lane
  • 1 kitchen with a washing machine
  • 2 levels connected with a typical cycladic narrow stone staircase

Please be aware that this house is 800 years old and that the available space for the WC and the shower and the stairway connecting the ground floor with the first floor are made of massive stone, reflecting the architecture of that period, which makes the difference to a new built house.

Even in the summer, the house is pleasantly chilled due to its thick walls and well ventilated through the windows. Due to its ancient staircase this house is not suitable for small children or people with special needs or walking problems.


Holidaymakers appreciate the island especially from April to October.

We are pleased to provide you with the availability of the house upon request. Please write us an e-mail or use the contact form.

The house – back then and today

The house was built in the 12th century by the Venetians as part of a fortress. The staircase and the foundation walls as well as the cedar are still reflecting the original construction. The fortress served to secure trade routes. From here, the ships were the first to be seen and the enemies repulsed. Probably you still feel so safe in this place.

The house is located directly on the edge of the cliff and from the two terraces you can enjoy the breathtaking view at the edge of the cliff, which falls more than 200 meters into the depth. The natural power of the Aegean Sea is particularly noticeable here. With good visibility you can see the islands of Paros, Antiparos, Sifnos and Siros directly from the balcony.

From  2014 - 2017  the house has been restored from scratch and offers now hot water, a shower and a WC, a washing machine and a fully equipped kitchen. All measures were carried out with regard to the old building and only natural materials and island-type building materials were used.