Folegandros: A good destination even in Corona time

The coronavirus (COVID-19) did not leave Greece without a trace either. The Greek government acted very early and was extremely restrictive. All Greeks had to keep the quarantine for weeks. With impressive success because Greece had the lowest corona rate in all of Europe. There was no case on Folegandros.

Nevertheless, the children stayed at Folegandros and all residents adhered to the curfew. Only supply ships still came to the island.

The government will act quickly and strictly in future situations. Strict protective measures for tourism have already been implemented.
Folegandros has an exact corona plan. If a case should arise, there are prepared isolation options and helicopters would immediately fly the sick to the hospital in Athens.

Strict rules of everyday life should protect everyone. Bars and cafes are subject to distance and hygiene conditions. Disinfection is standard in bars and restaurants for every guest.
We ourselves were just spending restful and relaxing days on Folegandros. The island offers a soothing protection area even in such times.