Folegandros – the unique Cycladic island

Folegandros has a special energy and is a place for relaxation. Especially in the Castro district, you will feel away from the normal world. The serenity of the village can be felt everywhere. In our Cliffhouse you can relax and enjoy the view of the sea and the monastery- hill from the terrace in private.

Life on the island with its summer cultural events, restaurants, small shops, bars and souvlaki shops takes place in the main village of Chora. Even from the beaches and the outside of the village located luxury resorts, the guests come in the evening to stroll around the lanes and enjoy the village. The Castro is the oldest and most central part of Chora.

In Folegandros there are only few cars. Buses will take you from the ferry to Chora or to the main beaches. The village is car free and children can play freely and undisturbed and in Chora you can hardly get lost.

Cyclades Island Folegandros: In the sea noise

"Dice-shaped houses, white chapels, steep cliffs: those who visit the small Cyclades Islands experience a tranquil Greece - because difficult arrival frightens the party crowd." *

* Source and complete article of 29.09.2016:

Folegandros is one of the 7 most beautiful villages in Europe*

„Folegandros in the Cyclades has the whitewashed beauty of Santorini but not the crowds.“*

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